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Ultimaker 3 Extended

FDM150: Intermediate Ultimaker 3D Printers

Ultimaker 3 Extended

Desktop FDM 3D printer

Almost everyone knows someone with a 3D printer; the technology has become far more widespread over the past few years. One of the more well-known brands available for consumer and commercial printing alike is Ultimaker, whose flagship printers continue to change the game with every new release.

The Ultimaker 3 Extended is one of the newer models of 3D printers released by the company. These machines are sleek and streamlined, and are capable of creating objects with high dimensional accuracy. Ultimaker 3 Extended machines are some of the first Ultimakers to support multi-material printing, meaning that makers can create far more intricate projects with water soluble supports. These machines, while slightly more daunting than the Prusas, are true workhorses – no matter the task at hand, they’re up for it.

Type: Dual extruder bowden-drive FDM printer

Print volume: 197 x 215 x 200 mm (7.8 x 8.5 x 7.9 inches)

Resolution: Up to 20 microns (0.02 mm)

Materials: PLA, ABS, Nylon, PETG, CPE, CPE+, PVA, PC, TPU 95A, PP, and Breakaway

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