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Plan your visit

Welcome to the

Innovation Wyrkshop!

Explore one of Laramie's largest year-round creative attractions and experience more than $2M in exciting hands-on, dynamic, interactive equipment and design space.

From desktop and industrial 3D printers and laser cutting to sewing and soldering irons, the Wyrkshop offers something for everyone. Explore our equipment library, sign up for free workshops, or attend one of our collaborative crafting socials -- all for free!

The Laramie Wyrkshop is free and open to anyone, no matter their age, ability, or experience. 

General Information


The Innovation Wyrkshop is a 3,500 square foot advanced-used makerspace located on Level 1 of the Engineering Education and Research Building (EERB), on the north end of the University of Wyoming campus. You can find us in EERB #122 and #127, with large 'Bison and Bolt' logos on both of our entrance doors. 

For directions or specific hours, read on below.


​All ages and abilities can come to the Innovation Wyrkshop; however, there are some things you should know before visiting:

  • Makers under the age of 13 need to have an adult with them at all times, and may not operate machines on their own.

  • Makers between 13 and 17 may operate equipment according to our policies below.

  • Prior to using any equipment in the makerspace, all makers MUST complete SAF101: Basic Safety in the Innovation Wyrkshop.

  • Makers may not operate any equipment without receiving training or testing out. All hardware and software training is taught via the Maker Access Pass, and may be attended either in-person or asynchronously online depending on learning preference.

General Regulations:

  • All makers are responsible for safety while in the makerspace.

  • Makers agree to keep work areas tidy and organized, and will place back any tools, equipment, or parts in their proper containers before leaving the makerspace.

  • In the case of intentional or neglectful damage to Wyrkshop equipment or property, makers will be responsible to pay any Wyrkshop charges or fees for loss or damage to Wyrkshop property, equipment, or clean-up expenses.

  • Makers may not bring in their own equipment, consumable material, or tools without permission from a staff member.

  • Makers recognize that use of tools and equipment come with inherent risks, and use these tools at their own risk.

  • Bathrooms, sinks, and water fountains are located directly around the corner from EERB #122. First aid kit, fire extinguishers, and eye wash stations are located in EERB #122 and #127 and highlighted in SAF101. An additional first aid kit is located in EERB #122A (Woodshop).

  • The Wyrkshop reserves the right to halt, delete, or disallow the creation of items that violate Wyrkshop or University of Wyoming policies, including the creation of weapons, pornography, or illegal items.

  • The Wyrkshop is not responsible for any damage to, loss or theft of, a patron’s property.


We're a pro-brainfood facility! Feel free to bring in food and drinks, but please ensure that:

  • Drinks have lids.

  • Food isn't messy or crumbly. No snacking on Nature's Valley granola bars while hovering over the 3D printers!

  • You keep snacks or drinks away from expensive equipment or laptops.

  • You clean up any messes!


The Wyrkshop is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all users, regardless of their age or ability. Accommodations that can be made available upon request include:

  • Physical accommodations, such as accessible seating, workstations, and tools.

  • Communication accommodations, such as providing learning resources in accessible formats or arranging for a language interpreter.

  • Modifications to policies or procedures, such as extending deadlines or adjusting the format of activities.

  • Alternative formats for events or workshops, such as offering online participation or recordings.

Individuals who wish to request accommodations should contact or call (307) 766-6460 prior to visiting the Wyrkshop, so that the makerspace and visitors may engage in a dialogue to help ensure that appropriate accommodations are made. All visitors with disabilities can also ask for support upon arrival at the makerspace.


For those who wish to tour around in small groups on their own, we welcome drop-in visits at any time!

If you wish to visit with a group of 10 or more or schedule a guided tour or activity, we ask that you do so via our online booking portal. Our Wyrkshop team will be on hand to make your visit as enjoyable as possible, and can personalise your tour,  introduce your group to the exciting equipment, projects, and activities, highlight projects and stories of interest and answer all of your questions. We can also provide you with guided hands-on activities and related materials to use during your visit.

To book a group visit, please visit


Young, curious makers are welcome in the makerspace! We have plenty of K-12 toys and tinkering tools to ignite a love of STEAM subjects early. We believe that making and tinkering are essential to developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. Therefore, we have developed a policy statement to ensure that all children who visit our makerspace have an enjoyable and educational experience.


Please note that children under 13 may not be left unaccompanied at any time. An adult must be present and actively working alongside any child under 13.

Additionally, equipment is marked with green, yellow, or red safety cards:

  1. 🟢 Those aged 13 to 17 may operate green equipment unaccompanied.

  2. 🟡 Those aged 13 to 17 may operate yellow equipment only with an adult present nearby.

  3. 🔴 Those aged 17 and below may not operate red hazard equipment (such as table saws, advanced woodshop equipment, and laser cutters) under any circumstances. Only those 18 years and older can use red hazard equipment.


In addition to our flagship Laramie location, we operate a growing fleet of mobile makerspaces ranging in size from crates to 28' trailers. Intended to primarily serve rural and remote communities with limited access to the brick-and-mortar makerspaces throughout Wyoming, this mobile fleet is available for any school district or community group to rent for free.

To learn more, email Emily Leinen or visit

Makerspace hours


As a general rule, the Wyrkshop is typically open when the UW campus is open, from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday through Friday. During the summer, we are open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

This week's hours








EERB SIC outside.PNG

As a general rule, the Wyrkshop is typically closed when the UW campus is closed. This includes Labor Day, several days around Thanksgiving, between Christmas and New Years Day, and again on MLK Day and Memorial Day.

For up-to-date specific hours this week, please refer to our weekly schedule above, check our Google Business hours, or visit us on social media. You can also review upcoming University of Wyoming holidays and closures via UW's online academic calendar.


Currently, the Wyrkshop is only available after-hours during special events, or for those experienced 'super users' and staff who have earned access through a proven record of safe and responsible use. Though uncommon and not often awarded, if you wish to receive special after-hours access, please reach out to Rebecca Austin.


Directions and parking


The Innovation Wyrkshop is located on the north end of the University of Wyoming campus in Engineering Education & Research Building (EERB) #127 and #122, behind the Engineering Building. You'll see two large bay doors near the street -- that's us. Our nearest street address is 1108 E Bradley St, Laramie WY 82072.


Street parking is available on alternating streets in areas not designated for residents only.

Download a University of Wyoming campus map.

Find us on Google Maps.


The makerspace is located nearest the corner of 11th and Bradley in the new Engineering, Education & Research Building.

From I-80W, take exit 316 on to Grand Avenue, and carry on through town, taking a right onto 15th street. From 15th, take a left on to Bradley Street until you reach the corner of 11th and Bradley.

From I-80E, take exit 310 and take a left onto Old Stockyard Road. Turn right on N Cedar, then left on Snowy Range Road/E Harney St. Turn right on N 9th St. and left on Bradley St.. until you reach the corner of 11th and Bradley.

From US-287 N (Colorado), carry on onto 3rd St. and turn right on Grand Ave. Turn left on S 9th St and right on Bradley St. until you reach the corner of 11th and Bradley.

From US-287 S/US-30, carry on onto 3rd St. and take a left onto E Harney St. Turn right onto N 9th St. and left on Bradley St.. until you reach the corner of 11th and Bradley.


Ongoing construction and residential zones can make parking difficult around campus. Street parking is often the best approach. Streets tend to alternate one block of resident-only parking, one block of free parking. Make sure when parking that you are not in a residential permit area. Typically two to three blocks north of the EERB has sufficient free parking available for small vehicles. Buses and large tour groups should consult with UW parking policies.

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