We love to teach makers how to use all of the awesome technology in our Innovation Wyrkshop. Each week, we host roughly 30 different workshops covering some of the most popular tech in our makerspaces. Never used a tool or machine before? That's okay! We'll teach you everything you need to know about using equipment safely in the makerspace. If you've got prior experience using a tool or machine, just let us know! We fast-track experienced makers through the program by allowing anyone to test out of equipment they already know how to use. No need to attend a workshop again. Better still, all of our workshops are available for free for every maker, no matter their skill level or prior experience.


Trust us, you'll be creating in no time.

Makerspace Access Pass

The Makerspace Access Pass is our collaborative training system created to unify how makers learn to use equipment and machines. This means no more retraining on machines you know how to use. From 3D printers and laser cutters to CNCs and sewing machines, with the Makerspace Access Pass, you can gain access to a growing network of makerspaces and machines easily, and with fewer barriers.


Attend workshops, earn badges, learn marketable skills, and even work toward exciting rewards. All for free

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"Learn N' Earn" Rewards Program

As if earning badges and learning new skills weren't cool enough, the Innovation Wyrkshop has a sprawling rewards atlas for makers looking for incentives to make. Here's the best part: the more badges you earn, the more extra makerspace perks you unlock, such as:

  • Discounted materials

  • After-hours access

  • Custom Innovation Wyrkshop swag

  • Resume-building titles and ranks

  • Voting rights on important makerspace decisions

Rewards are even broken up by workshop series, meaning you can personalize your rewards to complement your interests. Making is its own reward, but the pot is certainly sweeter with our rewards program!

College of Engineering & Applied Science Innovation Wyrkshop
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