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Welcome to the WYRKSHOP!

We're proud to be the largest makerspace at the University of Wyoming, and one of the largest and best-equipped makerspaces in the Mountain West! From UW students, staff, and faculty to community members from Wyoming and the Front Range, we're free, open, and accessible to anyone.​


Our Wyrkshops across Wyoming are places for you to collaborate, create, innovate, build, invent, tinker, share, make, and learn without limits. We’ll provide you with the technology, tools, and training to get started. Where you go, what you learn, and what you create is up to you.



Located on the University of Wyoming campus, the flagship Innovation Wyrkshop is one of Laramie’s top creative destinations. Our makerspace includes a large student project area, a hands-on prototyping workshop, and a small but mighty woodshop. With over $1.4 million worth of new state-of-the-art equipment  and technology at your fingertips, there are always exciting ideas to explore, free workshops to attend, and fun projects to tackle.



We’re building a community that shares our love of STEM and creativity through innovative programming and workshops and authentic experiences that center around our core message: that anyone and everyone can be a maker.

Enroll in our Makerspace Access Pass program to learn how to use any machine you'd like. Educators and younger makers, sign up to participate in our Junior Maker program, become master of the machines, and show off your amazing skills to your classmates. Teenagers, link up with other students who share your love of making through our Teen Technician internship program. Adults, attend one of our evening Design After Dark events for fun group projects, date nights, and social mixers for the 18+ crowd. 



Learning is the name of the game at the Innovation Wyrkshop. Want to create something incredible? No machine is off limits, so we'll give you the tools to make it happen.

We believe that an interest in and passion for STEM form a foundation for lifelong learning and curiosity. Our signature brand of maker education celebrates the “how come?” and the “what if?’’ and the "why not?" through exciting and motivating free workshops.

Sign up for any of the 30+ courses we offer weekly, or browse through the list of over 50 workshops offered across all our makerspaces and partner facilities.

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Join our Wyrkshop Slack community to ask questions, meet friends, and see what we're up to. Or contact us the ol' fashioned way:

Engineering Education & Research Building #127 and #122

1000 E University Ave, Laramie, WY 82071

Tyler Kerr  | (307) 766-6460  |

College of Engineering & Applied Science Innovation Wyrkshop
(307) 766-6460  |  |
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