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The Wyrkshop's Junior Maker program is an activity-based program that takes place both at home and in our makerspaces, and are designed to help younger audiences understand the incredible things they can do in creative labs like makerspaces.

Download and print your booklets at home, or stop by our makerspaces to pick one up. Interested youth can complete activities during their visit or at home, share their answers with our Makerspace Educator staff, and receive official stamps, badges, rewards, and certificates when they complete each booklet. Junior Makers are typically between the ages of 5 to 13, although people of all ages can participate.

Junior Maker Mockup 3.png
Junior Maker Mockup 2.png

Explore online and in-person DIY activities, scavenger hunts, word games, matching pictures, and more. Check back for new booklets as more makerspaces add booklets to our shared program library.

Start now by downloading Junior Maker Booklet #1

Junior Maker Library and Awards_Magazine Mockup.png

Browse our library of additional Junior Maker booklets covering everything from 3D printing and sewing to woodshop tools and introductory electronics. Our library is always expanding, so make sure to check back regularly! Explore library

Junior Maker Library and Awards_Award Mockup.png

Parents, guardians, and educators: your budding Junior Makers are eligible for rewards each time they complete a packet. Download printable certificates, 3D printable medals and trophies today

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