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MBT301 Soldering Station

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MBT301 Soldering Station

EE101: Intro to Soldering

MBT301 Soldering Station

Electronics bench equipment

Soldering is a process where metal bits are fused together via an auxiliary metal alloy known as solder. Conceptually, the process is very similar to using epoxy glue to connect objects. Soldering is commonly used to fuse parts to circuit boards or control panels.

Soldering stations such as the MBT301 are used to control the temperature of soldering irons to prevent scorching or premature cooling. They are invaluable for larger soldering operations - any project which requires solder more than once is usually better off with a soldering station. The MBT301 can control two soldering irons in tandem, with different temperature parameters for each one. Two makers can work in parallel at the same time with little to no cross interference.

Type: Soldering station

Temperature Range: 205°C to 454°C (400°F to 850°F)

Temperature Stability: +/- 1.1°C (2°F)

Other Features: Embedded desoldering vacuum, dual soldering iron capability

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