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Tektronix DMM 4020 Digital Multimeter
EE104: Analysis Equipment

Tektronix DMM 4020 Digital Multimeter

Electronics bench equipment

A multimeter such as the Tektronix DMM 4020 is a tool used to measure two or more electrical values. These values are usually voltage, current, and resistance. It is most commonly seen as a diagnostic tool used by electricians to find issues within circuits.

The DMM 4020 in particular can look at both AC and DC voltages and currents - no electrical project is off limits. It is a powerful and accurate multimeter suited for almost any benchtop electrical project.

Type: Multimeter

Resolution: 5.5 digit resolution

Accuracy: .015% VCD

Range (V): 200 mV – 1000 V, 1 µv res

Range (A): 200 µA – 10 A, 1 nA res

Range (Ω): 200 Ω – 100 M Ω, 1 m Ω res max

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