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LAS101: Introduction to the Glowforge Laser Cutter


Desktop laser system

Laser cutting is a process by which a laser cartridge blasts a stream of photons onto a material to cut or engrave it. The process requires training and presents unique risks, but results are unlike those of other subtractive manufacturing methods (such as CNC milling). If you've ever seen videos of phone engraving, you've seen laser cutting.

Glowforge laser cutters are a excellent introductory machines that can effortlessly accommodate all types of projects from wood, cardboard, and acrylic. For those looking to get started with laser cutters, Glowforge is the perfect place to start.

Type: 40W CO2 laser system

Cut Volume: 18 " x 20" x 2"

Materials: Wood, glass, non-chlorinated plastic, acrylic, cardboard, fabric, leather, paper

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