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Shapeoko XXL
WRK150: Learning Shapeoko CNC Routers

Shapeoko XXL

CNC Router

CNC milling is one of the most common types of subtractive manufacturing. The process uses a computer-controlled rotary bit to carve parts out of a block of material. CNC mills have become more common across garages and backyard workshops as they've grown cheaper and easier to use. Common materials milled with CNC machines include wood, plastic, and PCB boards.

CNC machines like the Shapeoko XXL are usually adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of materials. The Shapeoko XXL in particular is capable of true 2.5D machining. While it's great for signs, maps, and other flat projects, the Shapeoko XXL has a lot of potential for more intricate parts as well.

Type: CNC router

Router Bed Volume: 812 x 406 x 76 mm (32 x 16 x 3 inches)

Materials: Wood, plastics, synthetics, composites, non-ferrous metals. Please see for the complete list.

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