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Baileigh Variable-Speed Wood Lathe
WRK104: Learning the Baileigh Lathes

Baileigh Variable-Speed Wood Lathe

Used for wood turning, the lathe holds a special role in the shop: creating rounded 3D objects from blocks of wood. Lathes are used to create everything from bowls and vases to chess pieces and railings. Artisan lathe work dates back to 1300 BC, and ancient wood-turned projects still look great by modern standards.

Our lathe, the Baileigh Variable-Speed Wood Lathe, is an industrial lathe with many convenient features. We've seen some interesting projects on the lathe over the years, such as antique-style chair legs, nesting doll shells, and fancy handles. Even without a project in mind, the lathe is engaging and relaxing to use - a cathartic end to a stressful week.

Type: Wood lathe

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