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Our People

The Innovation Wyrkshop in Laramie is staffed by ten students from across the University of Wyoming, as well as two full-time professional staff. Our staff come from different majors and together cover a broad scope of knowledge across many areas such as engineering, communications, science, and the arts. We're a friendly bunch, so please don't hesitate to reach out!



Phone: (307) 399-9384

Mailing address:

1000 E University Avenue

Dept. 3295 (EERB)

Laramie, WY 82071

Rebecca Austin (she/her)

Makerspace Coordinator

Rebecca was number five in a family of seven, although that played out in her favor as she got all the hand-me-down legos from her older brothers. As she grew up watching Bill Nye, Mythbusters, and Nat Geo, her love for science grew, and her passion for STEM never faltered (except for Math just a little bit in high school). She has always had a love for learning which drives her to create and make new things, as well as experiment with what she has. With her art background and love for the STEM fields, she’s currently working on creating outreach activities and games that involve the younger community in hopes of getting them excited about STEAM!

Austin received a B.F.A in Art with a concentration in Graphic Design at the University of Wyoming in 2019. During her time as an art student, she focused on digital creation including using mixed realities, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and laser cutting. Today, Austin runs the Innovation Wyrkshop as the Makerspace Coordinator and manages the day-to-day as well as coordinating outreach efforts and collaborations in the surrounding area. In addition to managing the Wyrkshop, she has piloted the first InnovateHer afterschool club in September 2022, geared toward 11-17-year-old female and female-identifying youth. 

When not working, Rebecca enjoys doing anything and everything she can including 3D modeling, gaming, cooking, and the occasional outdoor activity with her family and dog.



Mailing address:

1000 E University Avenue

Dept. 3295 (EERB)

Laramie, WY 82071

Emily Leinen (she/her)

Mobile Makerspace Coordinator

Emily’s making career started as a young child in typical 90’s fashion with Legos and Lincoln logs. She would constantly find ways to make new products and reinvent the everyday items. As a young child, her most notable invention was a chipmunk catcher, which caught approximately seven chipmunks over the span of one summer. She has over nine years teaching experience in different fields from water safety to STEAM education. Her favorite way of making includes creating educational tools and lesson plans to reinvent the way we educate.

Leinen received a B.S in Agroecology with a minor in Horticulture from the University of Wyoming in 2019, and an M.S. in Education (learning, design and technology) from the University of Wyoming in 2022. With her background in plant science, she wanted to become a secondary education science teacher. While pursuing her Master's, she received a graduate assistantship in a makerspace creating pre-K, K-12 and adult STEAM education courses. She fell head-over-heels for makerspaces and creating anything you can imagine. Today, Leinen manages a fleet of seven mobile makerspaces throughout the state of Wyoming. The mobile makerspaces provide free STEAM educational tools to rural and remote communities, bringing equitable access to educational resources to some of Wyoming's smallest towns.

When not at work, she enjoys trying to become the world's next Iron Chef, hiking, playing board games, reading and competing with her husband to see who can lift the most weights (she is currently losing this battle, but tells him that she is miles ahead of him).


Tyler Kerr (he/him)

Previous Makerspace Manager

Tyler is unfortunately no longer at the Innovation Wyrkshop. He is now in Denver, CO working for a non-profit organization called Localworks as their Clear Creek Makerspace Development & Program Manager. His email has also been updated for those who still wish to contact him. For any questions or concerns about the Innovation Wyrkshop, please contact either Rebecca or Emily above.

Student Team Leaders

Jenna Hoobler.jpg

Jenna Hoobler (she/her)

Senior Makerspace Educator​

Jenna is a second-year psychology student at UW, skilled in FDM printing along with vinyl cutting and graphic design. Jenna also serves as the president of Student Survivor Group on campus. Her passions include cooking, writing music, playing guitar, and designing. Email her with any questions! She is always willing to help.

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