Our People

The Innovation Wyrkshop in Laramie is staffed by eight students from across the University of Wyoming, as well as one full-time Makerspace Coordinator. Our staff come from different majors and together cover a broad scope of knowledge across many areas such as engineering, communications, science, and the arts. We're a friendly bunch, so please don't hesitate to reach out!


Email: tkerr1@uwyo.edu

Office: (307) 766-6460

Mailing address:

1000 E University Avenue

Dept. 3295 (EERB)

Laramie, WY 82071

Tyler Kerr

Makerspace Coordinator

Much to his parents' chagrin, Tyler started his maker career early in life by dissecting the family CRT TV -- though notably never figured out how to put it back together. Since then, his love of gadgets and tech has never waned. He has maintained a passion for and fascination with STEM education, as well as developing creative, gamified, out-of-the-box nerdy ways to engage communities and teach complex topics in meaningful ways.

Kerr and team are recognized as state authorities on makerspace development and programming, and have planned, designed, stood up, and managed two successfully operating makerspaces: first, a $100,000 facility, and now an advanced-use $1,400,000 facility. Alongside a recent partnership with the Department of Workforce Services -- Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, they'll be building five new makerspaces across Wyoming in 2020 and 2021.


For his work, Kerr was a recipient of the 2018 Laramie Young Professionals 20 under 40 award, and most recently the University of Wyoming's 2020 Employee of the Quarter to recognize the makerspace's efforts during the pandemic. As part of the executive leadership team for the Wyoming Technology Coronavirus Coalition (WTCC), Kerr recently helped organize and coordinate the statewide grassroots 3D printed PPE production effort, ultimately leading production of 6,700 3D printed face masks and face shields by 80 volunteers in 32 makerspaces for 43 medical centers across 18 Wyoming counties. Accordingly, he has strong ties to maker communities throughout Wyoming. Kerr has two degrees: a BA and an MS (Geosciences, Paleontology), and over 9 years’ experience as a museum outreach coordinator and academic STEM educator, proving that everyone and anyone -- even paleontological fossils like him -- can be a maker.

When he's not at work, Tyler enjoys adventuring and spending time outside trying to make his two loveably stupid dogs stop eating weird stuff they find in the forest.


Brayton Tolman

Senior Makerspace Educator​

As a senior staff member with three years of experiencing in the makerspace, Tolman has been an active member in the planning teams for both existing makerspaces at the University and one of Kerr’s longest-tenured employees. He is a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in Electrical Engineering, and has helped to develop a significant part of the MAP curriculum.



Victoria Evans

Senior Makerspace Educator​

Evans is a second-year pharmacy student  at UW, skilled with all forms of 3D printing within the Wyrkshop, along with vinyl cutting, laser cutting, modeling, and graphic design. Evans also serves as the president of the Association of Wyoming Student Makers (AWSM) on campus. Her passions include baking, 3D printing, and crafting. Drop her a line if you need anything! She'd love to help make your project come together.


W09864423 Woith, Zachary.bmp

Zack Woith

Woodshop Supervisor

Woith is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering, who has been involved with the Innovation Wyrkshop since 2019. He is well versed in 3D printing, laser cutting, and skilled with many of the tools found in our woodshop. He has worked to develop numerous CAD models of the machines that can be found in the Innovation Wyrkshop website.



Cole Thomas

Outreach Specialist

Thomas has been working with makerspaces since high school, where he designed and printed parts for his robotics team.  Now he serves as an outreach specialist focused on K-12 learning and resources.  Thomas is a senior majoring in Computer Engineering who enjoys making music, electronics, and biking.