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Sphero Bolt Power Pack

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Sphero Bolt Power Pack

Sphero Bolt Power Pack

Coding Equipment

The Sphero Bolt Power Pack serves as a comprehensive solution designed for the efficient charging and organization of Sphero Bolt robots. With the capacity to charge up to 15 robots simultaneously, it ensures a seamless and prompt recharging process.

This power pack serves a dual purpose, providing structured storage for Sphero Bolt robots during periods of inactivity. Its integrated app facilitates monitoring and management of the charging status of each individual robot, eliminating any ambiguity regarding their readiness for use.

The Sphero Bolt Power Pack presents a systematic and technologically adept approach to sustaining the operational capacity of Sphero Bolt robots while facilitating their storage and upkeep.

Type: Sphero BOLT Power Pack

Coding Languages: Joystick, Block, Java

Student Capacity: 15 Students

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