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CAD102: Learning SolidWorks



SolidWorks is one of the older available CAD softwares on the market; it's been an industry standard since 1995. SolidWorks is a solid modeling CAD software used to create complex, dimensionally-accurate assemblies like automobile chassis and camera frames. It has some material simulation features as well, meaning users can test if certain materials will be able to endure specific stresses.

Though SolidWorks is one of the less commonly used tools in the Innovation Wyrkshop, the makers who use it swear up and down by it. SolidWorks is robust and hardy - thousands of pieces can be processed and assembled to create impressive products. Our SolidWorks makers have used the software to create jet engine turbines, robot chassis, and more. Some of our interactive machine models were even made in SolidWorks!

Type: CAD software

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