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MOD101: Learning Sculptris



Sculptris is a modeling software made by Pixologic, the same company that produces ZBrush. For all intents and purposes, Sculptris can be thought of as a predecessor to ZBrush. It has many of the same features while being available for free. Every computer in the Innovation Wyrkshop has Sculptris downloaded and ready to use.

Sculptris is one of our favorite softwares to teach. It's easy to learn and use, but functional enough that even modeling pros can benefit from using it. We teach Sculptris as a starting point for makers to get into modeling, but for many, Sculptris has more than enough functionality to accomplish their goals. Every fall, we teach a parasitology course with the Agriculture department on campus, and students use Sculptris to model their own parasites. We've also used Sculptris to design holiday ornaments, board game figures, and animal skulls. 

Type: Modeling software

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