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CAD101: Learning Onshape



OnShape is a free cloud-based CAD software perfect for beginning makers. The only thing makers need to operate OnShape is an internet connection. It has many of the same capabilities of softwares such as SolidWorks and Autodesk Fusion, meaning that makers who learn OnShape have a leg up when learning other CAD programs. Additionally, it outputs models directly to .stl format, meaning projects can be sent to a slicer for 3D printing immediately.

We love OnShape because it's accessible and user-friendly. It's a boiled down version of CAD that doesn't sacrifice any of the functionality of industry standard CAD softwares. OnShape is the perfect starting point for new makers; it's also a reliable software for non-CAD-savvy makers who just need a quick drafting tool. Makers from all skill levels can successfully create with OnShape.

Type: CAD software

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