FDM101: Introductory Prusa 3D Printers


Fused-deposition modeling ("FDM") 3D printers are incredibly versatile machines, capable of creating everything from board game pieces to prosthetic limbs. As 3D printers become more common in businesses, schools, and homes, it's important to know how to use these machines for personal or professional projects. In FDM101, you'll learn all about what FDM 3D printing is, how it works, what it excels at (and what its limitations are), common FDM 3D printer anatomy as well as anatomy unique to Prusa 3D printers, and finally several tips and trips for working with commonly used 3D printing materials.

Prusa printers stand out from the crowd of desktop FDM printers because of their accessibility, ease of use, open-source hardware, and certainly because they're consider one of the best and most affordable FDM printers you can get. Since 2017, Prusa machines have consistenly collected global acclaim from the international maker community, including best desktop 3D printer for three years running. By the end of the 60-minute workshop, you'll have everything you need to begin 3D printing on right away on these incredible machines.


SAF101: Basic safety in the Innovation Wyrkshop


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