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Skill Tree
Skill Tree
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Woodworking is one of the oldest forms of crafting, dating back thousands of years. It’s a broad category that covers everything from boatbuilding to trinket carving.


Modern carpentry uses power tools alongside traditional woodworking tools, but much of the craft remains unchanged. Our Workshop Series equips makers with the tools, skills, and knowhow to make any type of workshop and woodshop project they desire, from canoes and carvings to shelves and skateboards.

Starting first with in-depth mandatory woodshop safety training, makers can learn proper woodshop rules and regulations, how to safely handle tools and equipment, as well as tips and tricks to master machinery.


Once makers have proven themselves capable of operating in the woodshop safely, they gain access to a large array of different woodshop courses. Makers can specialize in skills such as CNC routers, table saws, planers, or lathes. Or better yet, makers can take them all to master everything the woodshop has to offer!

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The bread and butter of the woodshop are the saws and sanders. The MAP program offers courses covering most types of saws, including scroll saws, miter saws, and industrial table saw. Additionally, courses covering various types of sanders – belt, spindle, and orbit – are offered for makers. These general courses prepare makers to create almost anything they can think of within the woodshop. 

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There are also an abundance of small tools in the woodshop. Tools such as impact drivers, drills, and mallets don’t necessarily each merit their own course. Rather, these tools are all taught together, so that makers can learn and master them all quickly. Material prep, planers, and tool best practices are also bundled together for makers to become trained faster.

Perhaps the most advanced tools in the woodshop are the lathe and the CNC router and mill. The lathe is a staple for wood turning, allowing makers to create intricate items such as vases, table legs, and chess pieces. CNC routers and mills use computers to precisely carve projects such as topographical maps or signs.

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