Your voice matters

Improving the Innovation Wyrkshop is like building a city: it can’t be done in a day, nor can it be done by one person alone.


We believe that makerspaces can only succeed and grow if they listen to the maker communities that call the makerspace home. Read about how our voting system works, and learn how you can submit ideas for machines, programs, and initiatives that you'd like to see at the Innovation Wyrkshop.

How it works
On the ballot

In order to make decisions about our goals, content, and equipment, we ask users to vote on how they feel the Wyrkshop should do things. Everything from scheduled content to fun events goes through a committee of users before eventually being implemented. This way, we can make sure everyone’s voice is heard, and we can create the best experience possible, together.

Voting in the Innovation Wyrkshop is a straightforward process broken into three steps. The first step is the basic idea; it’s a “what if?” or a “could we?” for anything that might make the Wyrkshop a better place. Suggestions can be submitted by clicking the "Submit an idea" button.

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