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Our Teen Technicians make up a big part of our valuable volunteer and intern workforce. These paid and unpaid opportunities provide on-the-job training and exposure to careers in STEAM, making, engineering principles, emergent technology, education, public programming, and related fields. Teen Techs work closely with makerspace students and staff, exploring creative STEAM applications, developing valuable hands-on skills, teaching makers of all ages, designing workshops, maintaining machines — all while positively impacting the experiences of the hundreds of monthly makerspace visitors.

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Our makerspace volunteers and interns help put makerspace equipment, machines, and tools in the hands of more than 10,000 visitors each year. They point the way, share fascinating facts, ignite innovation, and help our staff maintain a growing collection of machines, equipment, lessons, and workshops.


Every one of our dedicated volunteers contributes their expertise, passion, and personality to help ensure that our makerspaces are some of the best in the Mountain West. You can be part of our mission to make Wyoming a world-class creative hub too! Whether you have a few spare hours per week or a few per month to lend a hand, there are plenty of ways to get involved:


As a public Teen Tech Educator, you're one of our "Jack- or Jill-of-all-trades" which means you’ll be one of the first smiling faces people see when they visit the makerspace. If you love talking to people, you’ll love being part of a volunteer team that interacts with more than 10,000 visitors a year. In addition, you'll help us run the day-to-day, keep equipment running, teach a lesson or two on something you're passionate about, help makers get started brainstorming projects, and generally share your enthusiasm for making.


As a Teen Tech Outreach Ambassador, you'll help our Outreach Specialists engage students on field trips with fun, engaging, meaningful, hands-on activities that focus on STEAM themes. You'll inspire other students to think like engineers or scientists or artists. Want to play with LEGOs for a living? Teach kids how to build NERF gun siege engines? This might be the track for you. 


Outreach Ambassadors should commit to one weekday at least twice a month, and should be available to help visiting field trips when their school and extracurricular schedules allow.


As a member of the Teen Tech Discovery Division, it's your job to help showcase the amazing ways in which machines, equipment and tools in the makerspace can help visitors make almost anything they can dream up. How do you do this? By showing off what you've made, of course. Become an expert technician and help other makers discover the possibilities of the equipment we have here by designing and building your own personal passion project. Ever wanted to build your own drone, or even your own full-scale, functioning R2-D2? Want to learn valuable maintenance and repair skills to show off on a resume or college essay? Consider joining the Discovery Division.


It's a plus for Discovery Division team members if they have an interest in or previous experience teaching, repairing equipment, or being fairly handy and inquisitive. Discovery Division members should commit to four half-day shifts (10am–1pm, 12pm-3pm, or 3pm-6pm) or two full-day shifts (10am–4pm or 12pm-6pm) per month when their school and extracurricular schedules allow.

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