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Safety training workshops are the single most important courses offered as part of the Makerspace Access Pass. All makers are required to take brief makerspace-specific safety training at each new makerspace before accessing equipment, in order to familiarize them with institution-specific rules and regulations. During safety courses, we teach primary best practices for working in our makerspaces safely, including accessing our stores of personal protective equipment (PPE) and where to find them.


Once a maker has a safety course under their belt, they can then sign up for and attend any one of the 50+ free active learning, hands-on, peer-led workshops in order to access any equipment in any of our makerspaces. All makers need to do is attend a class and pass a brief competency quiz, after which the Makerspace Access Pass system awards them the appropriate badge allowing them to use the equipment. We offer both in-person and online, asynchronous, comprehensive self-driven 100-level safety courses.

A typical 100-level safety course reviews the basic safety protocols for the specific facility teaching the course. In addition, important locations of safety supplies, such as the fire extinguishers and first-aid kits, are pointed out. Facilities might  also cover emergency protocols such as fire or tornado drills. Advanced safety courses allow makers to deepen their understanding of safety items and procedures. These courses include fire extinguisher operation and CPR certification. Makers are encouraged, but not required, to attend these 200-level courses.

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