Worry Pet

The way the world is now, I've been filled with a lot of apprehension and anxiety. In my search to help combat those feelings, I stumbled across an easy design for a worry pet. While some of the materials are not typically found in a household, they are still relatively easy to find and inexpensive to purchase. With only a handful of things and less than an hour, you can have your own tactile delight!

What you'll need:

  • Fabric (2 5x5" pieces)

  • Stuffing (pellets, beads, fluff, etc.)

  • Plastic Animal Safety Eyes (I found mine on Amazon)

  • Sewing Machine (optional)

  • Thread

  • Needle

  • Pins

  • Scissors

Notes about fabric:

  • The wackier your fabric, the more fun your pet! There are plenty of faux fur and textured fabrics at specialty stores (Michaels, Joanns, Hobby Lobby, etc.). Find a texture that feels pleasing under your fingers - this will help ground you whenever you find yourself getting anxious or panicky.

  • Check the remnants/leftovers bins at specialty stores. The fabric will usually be less expensive and sometimes you can also use coupons to purchase these items.

  • Fabric has two sides, a right side and a wrong side. The right side is the outside of the fabric - it's the side that has a more distinct pattern or texture. The wrong side is the inside of the fabric.

How to make your pet:

  • On the wrong side (inside) of one piece of fabric, mark a circle about 3-4" in diameter. I used a small bowl and traced around it with a marker.

  • Mark where you want the eyes to be on the wrong side of the fabric as well. Snip a small hole on that mark - just enough to cut the fabric slightly. Insert the eyes into the fabric and attach the backings. Make sure that the eyes are on the right side (outside) of your fabric.

  • Pin your two fabrics together with the right sides together. Sew around the circle you drew, making sure to keep about an inch to inch and a half of fabric unsewn.

  • Trim the excess fabric from around the circle you've just sewn, but leave a bit extra where the opening between the two pieces is.

  • Turn the pet right sides out. Use the needle to help fluff up the fabric of your pet - if you've used fur, the needle can help pull the hair from the seam.

  • Fill your pet. I used fluffy stuffing, but using pellets, beads, or rice will give your pet an additional feel that can be helpful as a stress reliever.

  • Turn in the excess fabric you left at the opening and use the needle and thread to stitch the opening closed.

Your last (optional) step is to name your pet! I'd love to see what fabric you chose! What did you fill your pet with? Did you have any other eyes you used? Did you sew on the eyes instead of buying plastic ones? Did you keep your pet for yourself, or did you give it to a friend or loved one? Upload your pictures and let us see your finished creation!

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