Helicopter Takeoff

It's been snowing here in Laramie, which gives us the perfect excuse to make a hot cup of hot cocoa or cider. Not to drink of course, but to use as a fuel source for paper helicopters!

If you have yet to make a paper helicopter, its fairly simple. All you need is some paper, a weight (paperclip or tape), and a steaming hot winter beverage.


1) Cut down your paper to be 5.85 inches x 2.1 inches (148.5 x 53 mm)


2) Fold down center horizontally and make cuts shown


3) Fold in two smaller cuts to make neck of helicopter


4) Fold top two tabs in opposite directions to make wings of helicopter. Attach weight at bottom of helicopter neck to finish.

Testing Time

To test, first just try dropping it from an elevated space like from a chair or stairs. The copter should start spinning almost immediately after releasing. Once you are confidence in your flying abilities, try releasing the helicopter just above your hot beverage. It is a little touchy, but if everything is just right, it should hover with the steam. If you are unable to get it working with a mug, try releasing it over a stronger source like a boiling pot of water.

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