Hanging Kitchen Towel

Just in time for the holidays comes a craft that can easily be given as a gift! Potholder and hand towel in one, it's perfect for pulling the turkey from the oven for Thanksgiving, or the ham from the oven for Christmas. Although, in our family, we have different traditional food we eat for the holidays - cinnamon rolls! Whatever traditional or nontraditional food you pull from the oven, this will certainly be a hit for whomever it's gifted!

What you'll need:

  • Kitchen hand towel

  • Rectangular potholder with a loop

  • Large button

  • Needle and thread

  • Sewing machine

What to do:

  • Fold your towel in thirds lengthwise so it's the same width as your potholder.

  • Fold both the potholder and towel in half so you know where the center line is. You can use a washable fabric pencil or marker to note where the line is. Make sure the loop of your potholder is not along the fold.

  • Place the potholder over the towel so both outsides are touching (the pattern of the potholder, if there is one, and the side of the towel that doesn't have overlapping ends). Secure this somehow - pins, clips, etc.

  • Sew along your crease, remembering to backstitch at the ends to make everything secure. I would advise doing more than one row of stitches just in case the thread breaks over time.

  • Find the top center of your potholder on the side that doesn't have the loop and attach your button.

If you gave this as a gift, what are some other things you can give with it? Spatulas, spoons, whisks... the list goes on and on! I'd love to see what type of potholders you used. Did your hand towels have a fun or funny image on them? Upload a picture for us to see!

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