Egg Carton Roses

I’m always on the lookout for crafts that use up what I already have. So when my mom showed me how to make beautiful roses out of cardboard egg cartons, I knew I had to share it. With only a few materials and a handful of steps, you can create your own biodegradable and recycled bouquets.


  • Cardboard egg cartons

  • Glue

  • Paint (optional)

  • Brush (optional)


  • Rip or cut your egg carton so you have individual cups each with four points on the corners. These will be the petals. You will need two cups for each rose. You can either leave the corners as points or rip them to make them shorter and more curved.

  • Carefully rip down the short sides of the cups until you reach the base.

  • Glue one cup on top of the other, making sure to stagger them so the petals aren’t covering each other.

  • From the lid, rip long strips about an inch wide.

  • Take your long strip and start rolling it up tightly. By loosening your hold a bit, you can have a slightly looser center part of your rose. Make sure you roll up enough to fit in the center of the cups – you may need to use more than one strip.

  • Glue this rolled center part down into the middle of your rose.

  • When the glue dries, feel free to paint your rose. This step is entirely optional.

You’re done with your rose! I made a lot and ended up gluing them around a foam wreath I picked up at a craft store. You can also use these as a bouquet or to decorate your room.

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