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Customer Service Improvement Idea: Coffee Machine

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Idea: Put a coffee machine in the Creative Corner lounge area for makers to use. Ground coffee and filters would also be supplied.

Official Proposal Text (originally submitted by Victoria Evans on 03-19-2020):

"Having a coffee machine in the space serves two primary functions: providing a welcoming atmosphere and allowing makers to take coffee breaks within the space.

Many people find coffee to be very comforting in both smell and taste. Having a coffee machine with a fresh pot of coffee is sure to snazz up the aroma of our space a bit more than the standard scent of sawdust and plastic. Coffee machines really tie break rooms and corners together – what could be more fitting for our little couch nook than a good old pot of coffee? We could even provide cups or mugs for makers to drink from, making an already comfortable corner feel even more cozy. Having a coffee machine would take the space from feeling like a workshop and make it more like a home away from home.

The other main perk would be having the ability to take coffee breaks within the space. Many people rely on coffee as a pick-me-up. Having a coffee machine would allow makers to have coffee on demand, as opposed to finding ten to fifteen minutes to run over to Einstein or Rendezvous for coffee. On-site coffee would give makers the ability to take small breaks for productivity while staying in the productive atmosphere of the space. For makers who need a quick break for caffeine but don’t have the time or money to go get campus coffee, having a local machine is a huge asset.

There is a coffee machine ready to go that would be donated to the space at a cost of $0. Filters for said coffee machine can also be included, but if we would prefer to buy our own, we can get a pack of 100 coffee filters for $7.55. We can get a 48 oz can of Folgers coffee grounds for $12.94. If we wanted to get creamer or sugar, we could get packets of sugar or low-calorie sweetener (e.g. Splenda) for about $5 per 250 packets. A package of 180 non-dairy single serve liquid creamer is roughly $10, and single serve powdered creamer is roughly $5 per 50.

Overall, the cost of a coffee machine with the works would be approximately $35.50, with about $15 of wiggle room upwards. For $50, the benefits of a coffee machine are too good to pass up."

First posted anonymously on 03-13-2020.

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