3D Printed Petroglyphs

These 3D printed petroglyphs -- originally a jumble of rocks blasted off a cliff face using explosives in the 50's, were scanned and prepared for display in the Anthropology building on campus. Over fifty parts were printed over a total of 80 days, which were then connected and painted to create a reconstructed petroglyph display spanning over nine feet in length. To see the finished rock wall, head on over to the Anthropology building!

Modeled by GA Charles Koenig, printed at the Innovation Wyrkshop, glued and textured, then painted to match and enhance the #petroglyphs for display in the UW Anthropology building (once they reopen!) This project has been a long time in the works and while we're all a bit shut and waylaid for the next few months, #publicaccess to these pieces through #3dmodels and #riophotography is still being planned by way of a website in the next year.


Pic 1: clockwise from top left - original fragment, glued 3D print fragments, painted 3D print, 3D print with angled lighting.


#wyrkshop #wyomingarchaeology #rockart #covidprojects #gettingcrafty

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