Our Outreach Partners

We’re not the only ones having fun in the Wyrkshop – we’ve collaborated with groups from around the state to create awesome things. We are proud to say that we've done outreach initiatives for many K-14 groups. We've also taught tech skills to graduate students and researchers from across the University. No matter who you are or what your project is, the Innovation Wyrkshop would love to help make your dreams a reality. Take a look below to see the people and projects we’ve lent a hand to over the years.


The Own It! award seeks to recognize the outstanding efforts of women around Wyoming working in STEM fields. The Own It! awards ceremony typically occurs in early May, and K-14 students from across the state come to learn about upcoming opportunities in STEM. Groups from around the University host booths for the students to participate in and learn from - topics at booths can range from learning to do chromatography to operating handheld robots. It's a conference designed to spark passion into the next generation of STEM graduates. The Innovation Wyrkshop hosts booths at the Own It! awards ceremony each year and has seen over a hundred students make their own robot mazes or use 3D printing pens to create animals. For more information about the Own It! awards, check out the University's Own It! page.


The Native American Summer Institute (NASI) is a pre-college program for Native American high school students from the Wind River Reservation. It is designed to give students an idea of what college is like and to help students build lasting relationships with their peers and faculty members. Students walk away from the program with skills and memories that will last them a lifetime. Each year for the NASI program, the Innovation Wyrkshop hosts an engineering challenge. Working alone or in small groups, students are tasked to solve a problem. We've challenged the students to create gravity-powered cars and robots to rescue bears, with great success! For more information about the Native American Summer Institute, check out the University's NASI page.

UWGM Logo.png

The University's Geological Museum hosts numerous outreach initiatives that the Innovation Wyrkshop has been proud to assist with. One of the most interesting projects we've helped with is the creation of the AR fossil cards - collectible "trading cards" that, when paired with the WyoFossil app, display a digital model of the animal on the card. They're fantastic tools to get students interested in paleontology or geology. We also host several booth events at the Geology Fairs, held semi-regularly on Saturdays as outreach for children.

For more information about the UW Geological Museum, check out the University's Geological Museum page. Or, if you're interested in the WyoFossil cards, check out the WyoFossil page.


UW Libraries

The University's library system spans seven buildings and features five digital collections. We've worked tirelessly with the library system to host events such as tours and K-14 outreach. We've taught students how to all sorts of things, from programming in Scratch and making robots to 3D printing and sewing. Outreach isn't everything, though - we've also worked with librarians and janitors on innovative solutions to improve the libraries. After we moved from the Coe Library to the Engineering Education Research Building (EERB), our collaboration shifted to UW freshman orientation and workshops for different departments. Additionally, we are proud to announce that we're partnering with Studio Coe and the UW Digital Collection to expand the scope of the MAP program for students.

For more information about the UW Library system, check out the University Libraries site. Or, if you're interested in Studio Coe, check out the Studio Coe website.

Lab School.jpg

The University's Lab School offers STEM-focused education for K-8 students in Laramie. It gives education students at UW an opportunity to experience classroom operation while also providing a healthy and enriching environment for children. The Innovation Wyrkshop regularly hosts events for the students in the UW Lab School - we've taught students how to engineer siege machines, program rescue bots, "hack the environment", and more. For more information about the UW Lab School, check out the UW Lab School website.

Graduate Student Network

The Graduate Student Network (GSN) at UW is a student organization dedicated to improving the professional and social lives of graduate students. Members can network with faculty and other graduate students - the GSN also hosts research-specific seminars and discussions to give students the skills they need to succeed. The Innovation Wyrkshop has hosted several high-tech coffee hours for the GSN. We've also taught them how to 3D print and laser cut. For more information about the Graduate Student Network at the University, check out the GSN Facebook page.