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The Association of Wyoming Student Makers (AWSM)


The Association of Wyoming Student Makers (AWSM) is a student organization on the University of Wyoming's campus. The main goal of AWSM is to learn the technology within the Innovation Wyrkshop and use it to create awesome things like couches and arcade machines. There's a focus on both individual and group projects to allow makers to deepen their personal abilities and their collaborative skills. AWSM members also regularly host outreach workshops and promotional booths to help spread the tech beyond the walls of the Wyrkshop.

AWSM holds weekly meetings during the semesters to discuss personal projects and to work together on larger projects. Currently, the collaborative project is the Makercade, a custom-made arcade machine designed and programmed from scratch by the members of AWSM. Once it is finished, it will be displayed in the Innovation Wyrkshop for all makers to use. Personal projects range from camper cabinet doors to handmade puppets!

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