Our Team
Our Team

The flagship makerspace at the heart of the MAP program and the place where it all began, the Laramie Innovation Wyrkshop serves as the central spot for making in southeast Wyoming. The Wyrkshop has certified hundreds of makers and issued thousands of badges, and is always on the move to create new badges to make learning simple, engaging, and fun for makers of every type. The Laramie Wyrkshop offers access to over $1.4 million in state-of-the-art equipment that is second to none across the Mountain West.


Creation Station - Casper

The Creation Station, an Innovation Wyrkshop makerspace at the Natrona County Library, was opened in the summer of 2018 as a community makerspace for Casper and the surrounding areas. Since then, thousands of patrons have utilized the Creation Station’s supplies and equipment to bring their inventions and creations to life. Equipped with over $25K in tools and technology, the Library’s makerspace has helped launch new businesses, inspire young minds, and connect creators.


Golden Eagle Wyrkshop - Cheyenne

The Golden Eagle Wyrkshop, an Innovation Wyrkshop makerspace at the Ludden Library and Learning Commons, will open in the spring of 2021 as a community makerspace for Cheyenne and the surrounding areas. Equipped with over $35K in tools and technology and funding, the Library’s makerspace will help inspire minds and connect creators.


Where makers meet! Located in the Sublette BOCES, the Pinedale Wyrkshop is a collaboration between BOCES and Pinedale Fine Arts Council. Our makerspace goals include inspiring creativity, connecting makers and making Pinedale a home for innovation.


Set to open in early 2021.

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The Innovation Workspace Initiative is the first community makerspace in Mason City, IA and has ambitions to become a hub for education and innovation across North Iowa. While still in the early stages of its development, IWI has established relationships with multiple businesses and industries in the area, economic and workforce development agencies, and school districts along with close ties to the Industrial and Science Divisions as well as the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center of North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC). IWI is the first out-of-state makerspace to begin implementing the Makerspace Access Pass.

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Located within the Energy Innovation Center on the UW campus, the Shell 3D Visualization Center (or 3D Viz Center) exists to support teaching, research and entrepreneurial activity, specifically utilizing digital innovation technologies such as 360 degree data capture, 3D content creation, visualization, and virtual/augmented reality. This high-tech hub proudly houses the only four-walled, 3D CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) in Wyoming. The 3D Viz Center beautifully complements the primary function of the EIC --  to visualize, interact and gain teaching and research insight with new technologies. Currently, the 3D Viz Center offers badges in the DEVXR, and 3DS series.


UW Digital Collections

UW Libraries’ Digital Collections Office serves to help foster, create, and preserve open data, research, and scholarship at the University. Within the MAP program, Digital Collections instructors look to engage participants in creating digital content from analog formats and managing digital data. These are in line with their two primary responsibilities: collection building and digitization and supporting UW’s scholarly output. Expect to see classes in both the 3DS series and the DEV series as they focus on sharing their expertise of tools and software regularly used by the department.


Coe Student Innovation Center

The Coe Student Innovation Center is an introductory makerspace at the University of Wyoming. The CSIC has an array of equipment to introduce patrons to making, and to spur excitement for furthering interests and knowledge. Serving the community from 4-H, to lab school, to university students the CSIC is there to ignite the initial innovative spirit.


Studio Coe

Studio Coe is located in the Coe Library and opens its doors to students interested in video and audio editing as well as VR applications. They offer courses on video and audio editing software, VR, and podcasting.

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