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The Maker Access Pass, or "MAP," is a collaborative training system created to unify how makers learn to use equipment and machines. This means no more retraining on machines you already know how to use. From 3D printers and laser cutters to CNCs and sewing machines, you can use the Maker Access Pass to gain access to a growing network of makerspaces and machines easily, and with fewer barriers.


Attend workshops, earn badges, play games, learn marketable skills, and even work toward exciting rewards. All for free


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Why it works

Self-paced and standardized

Training to operate hardware and software does not need to differ between makerspaces. Makers select subject interests, earn rewards, and drive their own projects forward. The Maker Access Pass ensures that what makers learn is consistent across makerspaces and other tech facilities.



Created by a consortium of educators, knowledge experts, curriculum and instruction designers, and makers, the Maker Access Pass library of trusted, standards-aligned hardware and software training workshops covers STEAM subject matter, emergent technology, and more.


And the best part? It’s entirely free for makers and educators.



It’s no secret that data can help drive growth. The Maker Access Pass collects data in real-time so makerspace administrators can decide on a course of action. It can help them to steer the evolution of their space and effectively target the next generation of inventors and creators.


You choose what skills to master!

The Maker Access Pass is a specialized training roadmap designed and customized for your preferred learning style. Choose the workshops, machines, equipment, and software that interest you!


Let's get creative

Sign up

Sign up for a workshop to learn how to use any piece of equipment at any of our participating MAP facilities. Choose to learn in person or online. If you've got experience with any of the equipment already, just ask to test out of the class.

Show us your skills

Pass a quick quiz to show us you know your stuff, and prove that you're able to use the equipment safely and responsibly alongside your fellow makers.

Start creating!

Share your amazing new workshop badge, reserve the machine you want to use, and start creating! Your badges are recognized by all participating MAP facilities, meaning there’s no more need to retake training at each new space.


Better yet, the more badges you earn, the more rewards you can explore!


interested in sharing what you know?

We're firm believers in the idea that everyone has something to teach, something to share, and something to learn. In the wise words of Bill Nye the Science Guy, "Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't!" 

If you'd love to share what you know or what you're passionate about, consider helping to teach workshops.

Dream it

MAP educators, knowledge experts, administrators, and instruction designers dream up new workshops and share their ideas with collaborators.

Share it

Our growing committee of facilities and experts review and ultimately publish the new standardized workshops to be shared  with and recognized by all participating facilities.

Measure it 

MAP administrators can tap into the incredible amount of associated usage and engagement data collected automatically by MAP to inform and guide their facilities' growth and development.



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