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Laser cutters and engravers are an increasingly popular way to precisely cut everything from cardboard, wood, cork, fabric, and leather to acrylic and plastics, and even to engrave metal and glass!


They work by directing and focusing a powerful laser beam onto a material, which the laser either cuts or engraves, depending on what the maker wants to do. Laser cutters and engravers are popular in makerspaces, and some of our most popular classes, in part due to their ease of use, speed of production, precision, and versatility to tackle a huge number of different materials. We’ve seen makers produce a wide number of projects, from a laser cut 3D printer chassis to framed art to functional cow tags for use in commercial livestock management.

Laser Systems Workshops

The MAP program currently offers three laser cutting workshops as part of our Laser Systems Series. Makers learn how to safely and effectively use and maintain both desktop and industrial CO2 and Fiber laser cutters, as well as best practices for inspecting materials and operating laser cutter software. They also get a firm handle on what materials are best used for certain projects, and which materials are dangerous and should never be used near laser cutters.


Advanced courses that teach makers how to clean and potentially replace lenses and mirrors, level beds, measure power, and perform full laser system cleaning, are in development.

Laser Cutters

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