Kids and Families

For kids and parents alike, there's lots to do in our Innovation Wyrkshop . We've got programs geared specifically to the younger crowd, along with family events and creative challenges that keep everyone engaged. We're a great place for some after-school learning, or for summertime projects. As long as there's a parent or guardian nearby, kids can use almost anything in the Innovation Wyrkshop to make any project they want. Stop in to see what types of programming we have in store for your STEAM learners!

What's a makerspace?
What can you do here?
Junior Maker program

Makerspaces are for everyone

Think of makerspaces as both DIY ("do-it-yourself") and DIT ("do-it-together") centers. They're places that provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage you to design, experiment, build, and invent by yourself or with your friends.

Basically, a makerspace is where people gather to make things using a bunch of different types of materials and fancy technology tools. They're usually community workshops in which people with shared interests can work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge. Simply put, a makerspace is a place to make amazing things with technology you might not normally have access to at home, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, advanced woodshop and crafting tools, virtual reality, and even machining tools.

It doesn't matter your age, education level, job, experience, interests, background — all you need to get started is a desire to learn. There's something for everyone at the Wyrkshop !

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