The MAP is a personalized learning journey made just for you. 


The concept is pretty simple. Find the hardware or software you want to learn from our list of ten series across over 50 different courses. Sign up for an in-person workshop or a self-paced online class. We'll teach you how to use the machines and tools, you take a quick quiz to show us you know your stuff, you earn an awesome digital badge to show off to employers, and then you're done! On average, from start to finish, you'll be creating something amazing in less than 90 minutes.


We think that's pretty exciting, so let's dive in to how it works in more detail. We're also a bunch of nerds who love the idea of #gamification, so we've created custom pathways on the MAP for you to explore. It's a map within the MAP. Clever, right?


If at any point you aren't diggin' the whole gamification route, simply toggle it off. Easy enough!

Turn game mode off

The map
Choose your adventure
Select your course
Start your journey
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