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Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine
CRFT110: Introductory Singer Sewing Machines

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine

Sewing machine

Almost everyone knows someone who sews. Sewing is one of the oldest forms of making, and though the technology has changed drastically, the concept has not. Around the world today, sewing is used to create clothing, upholstery, toys, and far more.

The Singer Quantum Stylist™ 9960 Sewing Machine is an electric sewing machine that sews light to medium weight materials. It features an infinitely adjustable stitch length and several utility stitches. The 9960 also has automatic buttonholing and decorative stitching, making it a fan favorite for hobbyists and professionals alike. Our makers have used the Quantum Stylist to make their own masks and purses. One maker even made a cover for the Singer Heavy Duty machine with it!

Type: Electric sewing machine

Materials: Light to medium weight fabrics

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