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SawStop Industrial Table Saw
WRK107: Advanced Bench Saws

SawStop Industrial Table Saw

Table saw

Table saws are used for all kinds of tasks. The rip fence is ideal for long pieces that need to be cut to a particular width, the miter gauge for cross-cutting and the miter slots allow a tremendous amount of jigs to be used. The table saw is hands down the most useful tool in most woodworkers shops.

The SawStop Industrial Table Saw is a standard table saw used for rip cutting. It features a miter gauge and several shop-built jigs to make large projects easier to wrangle. The SawStop also has an advanced safety feature to prevent carpenters from injuring themselves while working – the saw will throw the blade below the table as soon as it detects skin in contact with the blade. We've seen the SawStop in use to create tables, frames, and even a skateboard!

Type: Table saw

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