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Resources for Educators

Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) pervade all aspects of our lives. Science is everywhere in the world around us. Technology is continuously expanding and improving the lives of people everywhere. Engineering is the foundational innovative building blocks that help to tie all of these subjects together. Art teaches us about the freedom of creative expression and has the power to influence culture and community. Mathematic principles are in quite literally every occupation and every activity we do!

Our makerspaces offer an ever-growing library of STEAM resources to support educators, caregivers, and makers not only in the classroom and in our makerspaces, but also at home. Education is at the heart of our mission, and in response, we offer everything from hands-on informal education for makers of all ages to lesson plans and professional development for educators. As a participant in any of our makerspaces, you have access to a wealth of resources and digital tools that support inquiry-based learning and active engagement. Join us and help to spark your students' creativity and curiosity.

K - 12
K - 12
Higher Ed
Higher Ed
Resource Library
Resource Library

Ignite innovation

Foster your students' learning and your own in workshops and events both in-person and online. Our STEAM workshops and activities are designed to help students learn to ask questions, connect the dots, solve problems, think outside the box, work collaboratively, and explore innovative ideas.


Workshop Menu

Browse a list of our recurring workshops to see what the Innovation Wyrkshop can do for your class. Don’t see one you like? No problem — the Innovation Wyrkshop would love to help you design a special event activity tailored directly to your students and your curricula.


Professional Development

Workshops aren't just for the school-aged crowd, y'know. For STEAM educators, having hands-on experience with the concepts you teach can be paramount. We’ll teach special in-depth workshops to groups of educators who are looking to foster a deeper understanding of how innovation is growing and changing rapidly in the 21st century.


Classroom Activities

We’ve got lots of virtual or in-person activities that can be hosted outside of the Innovation Wyrkshop. Find an activity suited for classroom learning and geared toward students.


Schedule a Tour

Get up close and personal with the technology and see what the Innovation Wyrkshop can offer for your classroom. Come with colleagues or students to get an idea of how we can take your classroom’s learning to the next level.

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