Curated Courses

Curated Courses are a special kind of roadmap to success. These are a collection of individual courses from all across the MAP series, handpicked to help you accomplish your goals, explore passion projects, or build a curated set of skills that can help you stand out against the competition when applying for your dream job. We’ve taken the liberty of selecting our finest courses and wrapping them into little skill-oriented bundles to allow makers to hit the ground running. From museum studies to future STEAM educators to Pinewood Derby to BattleBots, we’ve got something for everyone.


We also upload new Curated Courses fairly frequently, so if you don’t see one for your desired skillset, just ask! We’ll do our best to craft the finest basket of skill-oriented courses you could ever wish for.


This page is a work in progress, so please check back soon!

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High School BattleBots Pathway

Building BattleBots using CAD, 3D Printing, and Basic Microcontrollers

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