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Skill Tree
Skill Tree

What qualifies as crafting? Heck, almost everything we do here. Our Crafting Series covers to a wide array of activities, including sewing, vinyl cutting, knitting, and much more.

The Crafting Series equips makers with the skills necessary to use sewing machines, sergers, industrial leatherworking equipment as well as commercial and industrial vinyl cutters. For makers who might wish to create clothes, repair backpacks or coats, or those who want to create both indoor and outdoor decals and stencils to engrave or chemically etch material, the CRFT badge series is an excellent place to start!


Sewing Workshops

The sewing courses offered cover both basic and industrial machines, meaning that almost no fabric is off-limits. Even leather can be sewn using our industrial machines with the proper training! The boundaries of what can be done with sewing are virtually nonexistent – if it’s fabric, it’s able to be sewn into beautiful projects. The machines covered in the MAP program are capable of upholstery, clothing design, and even embroidery.

Vinyl Cutting Workshops

The vinyl course, CRFT101, teaches makers how to use the Cricut Maker. This machine is a multi-material cutter – vinyl, cardstock, fabric, art foil, and even sheet wood can be cut on the Cricut Maker. This versatility allows trained makers to create stunning projects such as greeting cards or flat-pack wood assemblies. Additionally, materials like heat transfer vinyl add a whole new dimension to making.

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