3D Printing


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With 559 makers trained, the FDM, SLA, STR, and EOS workshops that make up our 3D Printing Series are easily among our most popular classes. We currently offer 12 workshops that run the gamut from learning to operate machines and troubleshooting common issues to learning how to service and maintain printers.




FDM, short for "fused deposition modeling," is a type of 3D printing  where an object is built by gradually laying down layer after layer of melted thermoplastic filament. FDM is the most widely used type of 3D printing technology, and is often the first 3DP technology makers are exposed to -- as well as the most affordable. Accordingly, the FDM badge series includes workshops that focus on teaching makers how to use introductory desktop FDM 3D printers. For makers who have little-to-no experience with 3D printers, the FDM badge series is a great place to start! 

SLA, short for "stereolithography," is a type of 3D printing  where an object is built by gradually curing a liquid photopolymer resin layer-by-layer using an ultraviolet (UV) laser beam. SLA is a bit messier than FDM 3D printing, but is known for its exceptional accuracy, high resolution, water- and air-tight parts, as well as its ability to print materials such as castable wax and even ceramic resin. SLA printers are commonly used in fields like engineering, manufacturing, education, but also dentistry and healthcare.





Industrial 3D printers range in size and function, but typically offer quality and materials that traditional desktop 3D printers can’t, such as printing in TPU rubber, carbon fiber, ultem, full photo-realistic color, and even metal alloys.

For makers that wish to use produce exceptionally high-resolution parts in a wide range of exotic, high temperature, or high strength materials, we offer up the STR and EOS series to provide makers with hands-on experience using state-of-the-art industrial machines.