Whether you want to compete with friends to earn the most, or would rather complete the collection, the MAP badging system has something just for you.

Badges are what we use to track what you know. Having the badges is your passport to using the equipment at any participating MAP facility — meaning you won't need to be recertified on anything you've learned before. The badges are broken into series based on the group of machines or tools they cover; for example, all of the badges regarding the laser cutters are part of the LAS series. Pretty simple, eh?

There's a badge available for just about everything in the Innovation Wyrkshop, from the laser cutters to the handheld tools. Earning the badges will give you quick access to the tools you want, and can unlock great rewards like after-hours access and discounts on material. Try your hand at a badge that interests you — we promise you'll love it.


Classic View

Game Mode

MAP Series Badges_WRK.png
Safety Series badge, depicting a gear with a medical symbol in the middle
MAP Series Badges_3DS-08.png
MAP Series Badges_3DS-01.png
MAP Series Badges_LAS.png
MAP Series Badges_CRFT.png
MAP Series Badges_EE.png
MAP Series Badges_MODCAD.png
MAP Series Badges_XR.png
MAP Series Badges_DEV.png
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